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Who we are

Equality is not always justice.

Legal Freedom is located within walking distance of the Delhi, Allahabad, Lacknow, Patna, and money other Places in India. The Legal Freedom is an owned firm and is compassionate for servicing those in needs.

Legal Freedom's competitive edge is the customer service experience and approach brings to the table. The affordable pricing, unassuming and good natured approach to all clients is evident and highly appreciated.


With 10 Year of experience and well-honed expertise in all those fields of the law most pertinent to you, Legal Freedom stands ready to protect your right and help you overcome legal battles of all kinds. Whether you are facing the emotional difficulties of divorce, the terrifying possibility of imprisonment for a state or federal crime or simply need help with the probate process in the wake of a loved one's death, we can help.

Key to Success

Superior Client Service- high quality legal service,
Efficiency - staff is organized and able to complete service in timely manner,
Pricing- service are provided at affordable low-cost rates,
Reputation- Credibility, Integrity, Reliability and compassion of our services.